Some time ago, I wrote an article about modern Android architecture using the MVI pattern. You can read it on our website or on Medium. In that article, I presented the benefits of using the MVI pattern, described the structure and implementation details and introduced an example of how to implement the MVI pattern using a library I’ve created.

The solution proposed by me uses popular libraries such as RxJava and DataBinding. As the Android world is rapidly evolving and the previous article met with great interest, I decided to write a second article in which I will show you…

Starting a new project we have to make several important decisions that will have a huge impact not only on the final success or failure of the project but also on our daily work. These decisions include the choice of project methodology, tools, technology and architecture. When I started my work as an inexperienced developer over 7 years ago I thought that the definition of project success is simply meeting the business requirements of the client. As time passed and my experience grew, I realized that just as important as meeting the client’s business requirements is to build the project…

SaaS Product Development

As an entrepreneur or product owner, you have been building or helping growing businesses for a while. You know what it takes to accomplish business success. And you have a great idea that is waiting to be turned into a successful digital business. The thing is, you don’t know how to do it. The lack of technical knowledge blocking you from proceeding further or moving faster. The fear of making a mistake that will influence your product’s quality in the long-run blocks you from acting.

We know how it feels. We have been working with technology start-ups and scale-ups for…


Whether you’re launching a start-up or working on further growth of your scale-up, you require developers to work on your product. And quite often you need specialists or the whole team fast. The thing is, experienced specialists are hard to find and, above that, expensive. IT-recruiters often demand very high fees, the average salary in Western Europe for experienced developers is rather high. And last but not least: you will have to spend time conducting interviews and arranging administration. The solution to your struggle is hiring nearshore developers.

Hiring nearshore developers?

While companies can benefit from hiring dedicated nearshore programmers in many different…

Embracing IT Nearshoring

IT Nearshoring in (post) COVID-19 times

For the last few years, it has been hard to hire suitable developers in the Netherlands. Quality specialists are both expensive and hard to get. COVID-19 hasn’t changed this situation. The demand for ICT specialists is still present, especially for developers and other tech specialists who combine professional experience with unique skills and knowledge.

Also, the circumstances in which we work have drastically changed. A lot of employees started working remotely and are planning to keep doing that. Since it’s not in our power to change the situation, it’s time for us to adapt and make the most out of…

Remote development team

Working with a remote development team

It can be hard to hire suitable developers in the same city or country of your office. Quality specialists in the Netherlands and other Western European countries are hard to get and expensive. The COVID-19 didn’t change the situation radically. The demand for ICT specialists is still present, especially for the developers and other tech specialists with professional experience and unique skills and knowledge.

Also, the circumstances in which we work have drastically changed. A lot of employees nowadays are working remotely and planning to keep it so. As it’s not in our power to change the situation, it’s time…


Whether you’re launching a startup or working on further growth of your scaleup, you require developers to work on your product. Are you having trouble finding skilled developers? Then IT Nearshoring might be a perfect solution for you! Nevertheless, choosing a technology partner can be a tricky business. Besides looking at the cultural fit, distance, time zone, and general capabilities of the potential partner, it’s crucial to obtain more detailed information. The answers to these five questions will help you to differentiate the experts from amateurs.

An IT Nearshore Company that fits your needs

The selection of the right candidates is crucial for the success of your business…

Software development projects

Software development projects; common mistakes entrepreneurs make on the initial state

Nowadays, everybody uses devices and spends a lot of time with technology. We have smartphones, we buy things online, and more and more activities are turning digital.
The result of this switch is that a growing number of companies need software, whether for their in-house use or as a solution to an existing problem on a market that they can monetize. When the product is specific or first of its kind, there is a need to create custom software. To create it, companies are building development teams or heading to software development companies.

The great idea for software is only…


In today’s economy, it seems like everybody is hunting for software developers. So, it’s not an easy task to find one that fits your requirements and organization. Hiring the right software developer (or team) is quite an important decision. A developer or development team will turn your dream idea into reality! Or turn it into a nightmare…

With adopting remote work, software developers can be located in any part of the world. This offers you a far larger choice of developers. And choice makes choosing quite a lot harder. You don’t want to waste money and time with someone who…

Mobile app development


Coming up with a good idea is difficult. Coming up with an idea no one’s ever come up before is extremely difficult. Many people make the mistake of being so impatient that they just jump right into development without looking into details. Then, they end up with a half baked application, which doesn’t really solve any problems.

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